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What is ADAS Testing?

Today’s vehicles are equipped with advanced driver assistance systems, or ADAS. In order to develop such systems, complex testing and the ability to control relative position between vehicles is needed. So ADAS testing involves creating complex scenarios with multiple vehicles, also referred to as soft targets, in order to observe whether the systems of the vehicle will be able to detect an imminent crash.

Robots and targets which can be used enable test scenarios to be programmed and run quickly and accurately for high repeatability and consistent data.

ADAS testing is important because driver assistance systems are packed with sensors and algorithms, and testing is the only way to ensure that bugs are not discovered too late. ADAS must be evaluated in real life conditions, since proper testing on the tracks is not enough. But to make sure that the complex systems work as intended is not an easy task. .

There are different testing processes which go beyond holding test drives. But test drives remain to be the common way to test any car. They can happen on different highways, cities or even special test tracks. The downside is that test drives are only useful for self-driving car testing and not for autonomous vehicles. Test drives are also expensive and time-consuming.

The other methods of ADAS testing include:

  • using virtual environment simulation where a complete driving scenario is modeled using software
  • X-in-the-loop simulation methods which are approaches that combine both real world and simulated elements for ADAS and autonomous car testing
  • augmentation of measured data which combines the real world and the virtual world

ADAS testing is necessary to ensure vehicle safety.

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