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Windshield Recalibration

For better driver protection, most automobiles are now equipped with advanced safety systems that create a safety net around the vehicle, reducing the chances of road accidents and the risk of collisions. This range of safety features that aid and warn drivers on the road is enabled by the vehicle’s front-facing cameras.

While incorporating these capabilities is an excellent step towards ensuring road safety for everyone, this also means that windshield replacements are going to be more complicated, as this new technology requires proper auto glass calibration to function correctly.

Auto Glass Medix is your trusted partner for windshield calibration in Phoenix. Our trained technicians use state-of-the-art Autel and Opti-Aim equipment to make sure that your vehicle is recalibrated correctly.

What is Windshield Recalibration?

The term “recalibrate” gets thrown around a lot in the car industry these days, but what does it really mean to recalibrate a car or a windshield?

Recalibration is basically a fancier term for the process of adjusting the forward-facing camera lenses in your automobile to capture a complete image of vehicles and the road. This guarantees that the ADAS systems and all associated safety features are properly aligned and functional.

If damage occurs and you need to replace your windshield, recalibrating these cameras is necessary to ensure that the vehicle continues to provide the protection you need.

What is ADAS?

Cars nowadays come with some level of ADAS system, which affects how your vehicle operates. ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance System is a group of functions on vehicles that utilizes cameras, lasers, sensors, and radar to provide the driver with assistance in responding to road hazards.

ADAS systems have both passive and active features that generally assist the driver in the form of warnings. The passive features alert the driver of potential problems, while the active functions are designed to take control of the vehicle in times of danger to avoid a collision.

Common ADAS features are:

  •       AEB – Automatic Emergency Braking*
  •       Lane Departure Warning
  •       Lane Keep Assist
  •       Blind Spot Detection



ADAS calibration

Why do you need to Recalibrate your windshield?

Safety is the primary reason why windshield recalibration is necessary. Your vehicle’s camera affects every safety function linked to the ADAS system. A misaligned camera can potentially compromise the functionality of the system and lead to driving accidents.

Even the slightest misalignment – the sensors changing position by a millimeter or degree – increases the risks to your road safety. Thus, it’s crucial to have the cameras aligned perfectly, especially if you are accustomed to relying on your ADAS system.

Auto Glass Medix is one of the most trusted companies for windshield calibration Phoenix. Our technicians calibrate windshields for a wide range of car makes and models. We are the leading Phoenix specialists in windshield recalibration for all vehicle makes including:

Mobile Calibrations

  •       Bmw
  •       Buick
  •       Chevy
  •       Cadillac
  •       Gmc
  •       Ford
  •       Jeep
  •       Kia
  •       Hyundai
  •       Genesis
  •       Mitsubishi
  •       Toyota
  •       Mercedes

In-Shop / Pickup

  •       Acura
  •       Honda
  •       Infiniti
  •       Lexus
  •       Mazda
  •       Nissan
  •       Subaru


ADAS Calibration

Our team at Auto Glass Medix offers two types of windshield recalibration – static and dynamic, which should take no more than a couple of hours to complete.

Static recalibration requires the vehicle to be parked, and the cameras aimed at targets on specific points during the recalibration process.

Dynamic recalibration, on the other hand, requires the vehicle to be driven at a set speed to reset and recalibrate the camera system.

Because your vehicle’s advanced safety system is crucial in keeping you out of danger, you should only have your windshield calibrated by trusted experts.

Working with one of the best windshield calibration companies in Phoenix helps ensure that all your camera-enabled safety systems are working at the highest level and operating as expected.

You can count on our expertise and trained technicians to put you safely back on the road.

*Did you know that automakers have committed to making AEB standard in all vehicles by September of 2022?